with confidence

Are you trying to build your business but hate the thought of networking? 

Do you want to stand out, get more visible, and build good connections yet the idea of walking into that room, or logging onto that zoom call, fills you with dread? 

Do you agonise over the right way to introduce yourself, or feel your stomach doing somersaults over the right way to pitch your business?

Are you just dreading meeting all those people and wondering what your supposed to be doing there?

During this masterclass you will learn how to

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What we'll cover

In this class I’ll be taking a look at the underlying questions that can challenge our confidence and how we can reframe these for a positive outcome.¬† I’ll share my secrets for effective networking and guide you on what you should be saying when it comes to that dreaded introduction.

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Meet your host

Hi I’m Julie

For most of my life I avoided the spotlight. I dreaded all those introductions at training events and made sure I was never asked to present. I thought it always had to be that way. Eventually I did get over my fears, I even looked forward to being the presenter.

Being able to confidently introduce myself, network and present has not only brought me a new career, it’s empowered me to know that I can walk into a room and know I’ll be OK. I’m still an introvert but I’m no longer afraid.

If you’d like to step into your confidence and get more connected then join me in this masterclass.¬†

I look forward to meeting you.