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If you’re a woman in business who avoids being the guest speaker at networking events, or fears going live in a Facebook group, then this is for you. 

Over these five days we’ll uncover the secrets to speaking confidently in a way that connects with your ideal client, showcases what you do and why you do it.  If you’ve been holding yourself back, or if you’ve dipped your toe in but not sure if you’re ready to go again then this short challenge will give you the support and direction you need. 

By the end of this challenge, you will be prepared to start speaking to raise your visibility with a speech that your audience is waiting to hear.  



Hi I’m Julie

For most of my life I avoided the spotlight. I dreaded all those introductions at training events and made sure I was never asked to present. I thought it always had to be that way and I just wasn’t born with the ability to speak in public. Eventually I did get over my fears, now I look forward to being the presenter.

Being able to confidently introduce myself, network and present has not only brought me a new career, it’s empowered me to know that I can walk into a room and know I’ll be OK. I’m still an introvert but I’m no longer afraid.

I look forward to supporting you 

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