workshops for your team

Develop your Team Together

Speak with purpose

I offer full and half day workshops for up to 8 people.  Contact me to discuss the needs of your team.

Sample items covered

  • Establishing the right message for the moment
  • Identify what adds to your communication and what gets in the way
  • Avoiding death by PowerPoint
  • Get your audience listening and have them leaving with your message in mind

Benefits of team workshops

Could your technical team benefit from improved communication? Ever known the daily stand-up to become the daily mumble?

Speaking in and presenting to groups is often a nerve-wracking time for many technical people, even when that group is their own team who they know well. Lack of confidence and clarify when we’re speaking can hold us back as individuals and can hold back our teams from effective collaboration.

These workshops are designed particularly for those working in technical roles who wish to improve their communication skills, whether presenting within or outside the team.