Team members who possess great knowledge and insight may still struggle to present their ideas with confidence and clarity. If they are not able to share that expertise it can affect both their team and the company as a whole. These workshops deliver presentation skills training to enhance communication skills used with co-workers, customers, management and suppliers. The format is also ideal for those working in the charity sector seeking to share the message of their organisation with a larger group.

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Bad presentation skills

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Present your passion

Full-day workshop

You know what you want to say, but how do you create the presentation? Discover how to engage your audience and help them share in your passion.

Delegates will have multiple opportunities throughout the day to work on their confidence and speech delivery while developing their presentation.

Speak with purpose

Half-day workshop

When you have a huge amount of information to share, the exact purpose of your message can easily get lost, so it’s not surprising if your audience gets lost and confused too. This half-day presentation skills training workshop focuses on this common issue faced by many speakers. Once you know how to clarify and concentrate on the message you’ll be able to deliver that message with confidence and authority.

Clear communication for technical people

When we have detailed knowledge on a specialist subject it’s not always easy sharing that with others, however, that knowledge often needs sharing with colleagues, customers and management. For the audience, it’s far too easy to confuse presentation skills with technical ability and experience.

Efficient team working relies on clear communication. Many companies use a daily stand-up to support continuous communication yet the daily stand-up can easily become an irrelevant daily mumble. When this happens time and even business can be lost.

This workshop is designed to address these issues within technical groups. Group members will be helped to share their ideas with others in an empowering and effective way.