I’ve been involved in software development, data and consultancy for a long, long time. Early on I worked on accounting and sales order systems, later I moved to the world of Business Intelligence, which involves a lot of digging into databases and moving data around. I believe that software is fun and it remains a passion of mine but I spent most of that time being terrified of public speaking and avoiding it as much as I could. To be honest any speaking to groups of people wasn’t fun at all, even in meetings where I knew everyone around the table.

Eventually though, I found a way to conquer my fears and discovered a new passion – public speaking. Communication between people is how we inspire and engage others, get our ideas heard and accepted as well as being inspired, being able to work together and share expertise.  

Whether we are trying to share our passion for a cause, present our project at a technical conference or just give a clear team update, knowing that you can say what you mean with confidence makes life simpler and more enjoyable.  I know – I remember how much sleep I used to lose when I had a presentation or meeting coming up, that doesn’t happen anymore.

So the name Softly Inspired has evolved from these two aspects of my life. I started in software and am now inspired to help others overcome the difficulties I did in finding my voice.  Hopefully some of my blogs will resonate with you and provide some helpful thoughts, here you’ll also see other ways I can support you.

Oh and I’m also a bit of a Star Trek fan so my favourite quote is “Do not mistake composure for ease” : Lieutenant Tuvok, Star Trek Voyager.  A good reminder that many others struggle too (even Vulcans), don’t feel that you are alone.

Julie Kenny

Softly Inspired Core Values

  •  Inclusivity
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Integrity