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Are you finding networking tricky?

😟 Do you feel awkward introducing yourself at networking events?

😟 Do you fret and stumble over your introduction – the elevator pitch?

😟 Do you struggle to explain your many products and services in one simple cohesive introduction?

Effective networking can be one of the fastest ways to build your business, but it takes more than just turning up and thrusting your business card into waiting hands.  If you wish to build your client base it requires showing up with confidence and speaking authentically about your business. Sadly many of us fail at the first hurdle – the elevator pitch! 

After this session you’ll have an elevator pitch you can deliver with confidence and adapt for your future networking. You’ll also have a clearer idea of how to best use networking to boost your business. 

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If you struggle with networking, and especially the elevator pitch, you are not alone. Many have told me that the elevator pitch stresses them more than any other aspect of promoting their business. For some it stops them attending networking sessions at all. 

Although we may have confidence in our business, knowing how to communicate it effectively can throw up a mountain of insecurities.  These can stem from our business confidence, a fear of public speaking or simply an uncertainty about how to network effectively. 

In this session I help uncover what’s holding you back from stepping into your networking power and help you design the elevator pitch which will serve you.

Covered in this session

What they say

I really like Julie's approach. She is calm and methodical and really took the time to understand what I do and what I wanted to say. I now have my elevator pitch and am opening myself up for more opportunities

Julie’s knowledge and expertise on public speaking and speaking with confidence is amazing. I left the session feeling like yes I could stand up and speak with confidence now.

Why I created this session

Julie Kenny

When we start a new business, speaking in public is often the last thing on our minds. Although I can speak confidently now, I can still remember how terrifying it was for me just to say my name in a room full of people. Having been through that myself, I understand that sometimes the speaking goal isn’t always a prepared talk or presentation but just knowing how to talk confidently about what we offer.

Getting comfortable with the elevator pitch has been a game changer for many of my clients.  This single session is for anyone who is ready to make that change but not yet planning to make guest speaking part of their promotion strategy. 




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Note: This is a single 1 hour session on zoom

You may be wondering

I feel confident but people just aren't getting what I'm saying. Can you help?

Yes, we can focus on the way you form and deliver your message for maximum effect.

I'm an introvert/shy, can you help me too?

Of course.  Being an introvert myself I’ve learnt how to harness my strengths and I’ve helped others do the same. We will discuss different techniques for building confidence so you can identify those which will best support you. 

Where and how will we meet?

Calls will be on zoom. If you’re not familiar with Zoom I have lots of experience helping newbies and technophobes find their way around it 

What if I want additional sessions?

A follow on session can be arranged or we can discuss moving onto one of my longer programs

What's the booking process?

Click the booking link, you’ll be sent to a page where you can select a date and time and then on to the payment screen.  Bookings are not fully confirmed until payment is made.  Alternatively contact me directly to arrange

Cancellation and rescheduling

If you cancel up to 3 hours ahead or if I cancel you will be refunded. If tech problems prevent us from going ahead I will offer a rescheduled date.