Uncover your unique voice

1 to 1 coaching Programme

We know that visibility in our business is key to growth but often it isn’t that easy.
Do you sit dreading your turn to give an elevator pitch, not knowing if the words will come out?

Do you feel awkward if someone offers you a guest speaker slot, and then turn it down out of fear?

Do you avoid networking or other events because you can’t face having to speak in front of the group?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What would your business look like if you knew you could go into any room and speak about it with confidence and clarity?

What would your business look like if you knew that you could be visible and attract clients to you?

Imagine looking forward to opportunities as the guest speaker, confident in your ability to share your expertise. Sure that you could capture the audience attention and bring the right people to you.  Imagine being able to showcase your expertise in a way that exudes your USP. Imagine being a confident and effective speaker, able to embrace the opportunities that come your way.  Imagine after each elevator pitch and each presentation having an audience keen to know more. Imagine confident speaking being your superpower.

What if I told you that this could be reality for you?

During the course of this programme you will

I remember dreading the moment when it was my turn to speak. 

Now I know that it didn’t need to be that way for me and it doesn’t have to be that way for you either.

This 1 to 1 programme enables us to work together, focusing on your needs to help you become the confident speaker you dream of being.

Once you can speak with confidence, your passions, talents and uniqueness will shine

What they say

With a wealth of tips and advice about public speaking, Julie is an inspiring mentor and leader.

Sam Brook

As a naturally introverted person who knew next to nothing about public speaking and promoting oneself, I thank my lucky stars I had Julie to learn the ropes from.

Stefan Radu

Why I created this programme

I’m Julie, a speaking coach who helps the tongue tied discover the confidence to share their business and passions with clarity and conviction. Today I love sharing my knowledge and experience to groups large and small, but for most of my life it wasn’t like that at all.

I went through most of my career as a shy introvert. I dreaded training courses and events where I would have to introduce myself to a new group of people. I lost sleep and agonised over what I would say. When my heart was pounding and my stomach doing somersaults I thought I’d never be able to speak at all. A few times I awkwardly stuttered my way through a presentation before sitting down red faced and feeling useless. I thought that some people were born speakers and I wasn’t.

It was by fluke that I found some people who could actually help, and gradually I found I was getting more comfortable and then even enjoying speaking. There was also an unexpected consequence, when I became more confident in sharing my ideas I developed more confidence in myself. I no longer dreaded training courses or networking because I knew I was was asked to speak I could. Everything got easier.

I now work with women in business to make their life easier. If you’d like to have confidence that stepping into the room won’t leave you tongue tied get in touch.

What's included

You may be wondering

What if I’m just not cut out for this?

We all have a voice (even Lost Voice Guy) but we often lack the confidence to use it. I spent over half of my life thinking it was something I could never do, so I understand that you may struggle with belief at the moment too.  I’d love the opportunity to help you discover your speaking confidence.

Will you push me into things I’m not ready for?

No. We’ll be expanding your comfort zone, but only at a rate you can handle and I’ll be supporting you all the way.

I know I'm an introvert, can you help me too?

Of course.  Being an introvert myself I’ve learnt how to harness my strengths and I’ve helped others do the same. It becomes part of your style and I’d be more than happy to help you discover yours. 

I feel confident but people just aren't getting what I'm saying. Can you help?

Yes, we can focus on the way you form and deliver your message for maximum effect.

Where and how will we meet?

Calls will be on zoom. If you’re not familiar with Zoom I have lots of experience helping newbies and technophobes find their way around it