Julie Kenny

Speaker, Trainer and Poet

Julie Kenny

Talks for Your Group

These talks can be delivered in person around Suffolk and North Essex or nationwide by Zoom.

General interest talks

Mary Lee Berners-Lee

How she became a woman programmer

Mary was a talented mathematician who became one of the first ever computer programmers working in a commercial setting. Her son, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, famously went on to invent the world wide web .

In this talk I dive into the life of Mary and the early programmers. I ask questions such as how common was it for a woman to work in this role, how were they affected by their available education, and what challenges did Mary face as a woman in this industry in the 1950s?  The answers I share may surprise you.

Most suitable for

Women’s groups and those interested in social history

Down among the rhubarb leaves

Poetry and storytelling

In this talk I intersperse my original stories and poems to entertain, share memories and invite conversation.

My poetry is a mix of reflection and humour from childhood to middle age and beyond. I share what inspired each poem and invite the audience to reflect on the topics with me.

Each session will vary in content, depending on the needs of the audience or season (e.g. Christmas themed).  I include a presentation and props to encourage conversation.

Most suitable for

Social groups for older people

Fun with poetry

Poetry reading or workshop

This session includes a selection of my own poetry and the ideas and events that inspired them. If booked as a workshop I encourage the audience to give it a go themselves and discover their own poetry within them.

I believe that poetry can be a fun way to relax and express feelings. My own writing has had multiple influences, although some are certainly inspired by one of my favourite poets, Pam Ayres.  I include serious, amusing, reflective and inspirational poems.

This session is best adapted to  your requirements; if you have a particular occasion you’d like to focus on, or would prefer more or less of a workshop element then contact me to discuss further.

Most suitable for

General interest groups

Talks for business groups

Increase your visibility
By speaking with confidence

Speaking for business owners

Networking can be a powerful way to increase your business.  Being the speaker at a networking event can raise your profile higher but can be daunting for many.

In this talk I share how you can find the right topic which will enable you to confidently engage your audience.

This isn’t a talk about how to give the perfect sales pitch, but about how to speak authentically to showcase your expertise and build connections.

Most suitable for

Business networking groups.

Keeping Canva Simple

With your branding in mind

Canva is one of the most powerful tools a new business can use.  Designing social media graphics, presentations and print projects can be simple and even free. 

For new users, and even those with experience, it can be easy to get lost in the myriad of options available and to get drawn into following pretty designs that dilute your branding.

In this talk I cover using Canva with minimum complexity while keeping your brand consistent.  

Most suitable for

Business networking groups.

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