Affirmation cards (digital download)

Affirmation cards, designed to boost your confidence and power as a speaker.

Use of affirmations has been proven to shift our mindset, helping us focus on the positive and inspire confidence and clarity within ourselves.  This download provides you with 45 unique affirmations based on the four pillars of confident speaking.

  • Download
  • Prints as 5 sheets of A4
  • Cut out 9 cards from each
  • Keep handy for when you are preparing to speak or anytime you need reassurance


These are provided as a digital download.
Prints as 5 x A4 pages with 9 cards
Print on your home printer and cut out.  Keep handy in your pocket, on your desk or around your computer screen as a constant boost to your speaking confidence.


  • For personal use only
  • Digital only – no physical product is shipped
  • NOT for resale or redistribution without permission