Affirmation cards

Shining Authentically
Affirmation cards, designed to boost your confidence and power as a speaker.

Affirmations have been proven to shift our mindset, helping us focus on the positive and inspire confidence and clarity within ourselves.
These 45 unique cards come ready printed and packaged in their own storage tin


Whether you choose to use these as part of your daily routine, or you just need a confidence boost when you have something big to say, this is the set you’ve been waiting for.
This unique affirmation card set is designed to empower you as a speaker and help you shine authentically

🌼 45 different designs
🌼 Each card is based on one of the four pillars of confident speaking
🌼 Build confidence in yourself, your message and your voice

🌼Cards come packaged in a robust tin, so you can always keep your cards protected

Cards measure 9.5cm x 6.5cm