Networking tracker

Never lose track of your network contacts again!

Handy templates to download and print.

    • Who led the event

    • Guest speakers

    • Attendee list

    • History of key contacts

  • Track your follow-ups



Networking is all about building relationships, but can you always remember who you met where and when?  Was it Suzie or Sue who wanted help with her accounts, and who was asking for guest speakers?

Download these templates to help you keep track.  You can make a record of attendees by event, with a reminder to note the guest speaker and organiser. Mark off those you’ve followed up with too.

A separate page is provided for those you’re building closer relationships with,  make additional notes so you’re fully prepared when you speak again.

Download once and print as many of each page as you need.  Designed to print effectively on either A4 or 2 per page to fit into an A5 organiser.

Also includes a handy guide to make the most of your new resource.