Networking with confidence

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Networking with confidence

Networking is critical to laying a strong foundation for your business. But it can be a challenge to get right.
In this free class I walk you through identifying and reframing the barriers most of us face at some time while attending networking events.
And I walk you through the key points to making networking work for you.

Banish public speaking anxiety

Steps to more confident speaking

Banish public speaking anxiety

Whether we are talking to five people around a table or 500 in a room public speaking can cause levels of anxiety that can be hard to handle.

In this masterclass I address the four underlying relationships we need to work on in order to banish these anxieties and to finally allow us to find our voice.


Speak and Shine

Prepare your first guest talk in just five days

Speak and shine

Your first guest talk in five days

It can be hard to get visible and make meaningful connections in business. Being a guest speaker is an excellent way to do that but it can be daunting.

This step by step guide is designed to help you build your signature speech in just five days so that you are ready to get booked and speak with confidence.

There is one training per day with accompanying worksheet.